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Osama Samir

Mountain Valley Adventure Quad Tour

Author: Melanie

Don’t just look at the desert out of the car window as you drive by, but drive deep into it with us on your very own personal quad bike tour. Drive at your own pace through the desert and enjoy the endless expanse. Let us visit a Bedouin village together and get to know the real life in the desert without mass tourism or acting.

Excursion description

You will be picked up by your personal driver directly at your booked hotel and brought to our quad station. Here your personal guide will welcome you and help you to prepare for the tour. This includes handing out and putting on the Arafat scarf. In addition, you will stow your bags and learn how to operate the quad bike. If you feel insecure, you are welcome to ride with your partner or the guide in the back.

However, as the guide adapts to your speed and ability, you should not miss this unique experience. Are you ready? Then get on the quad. You see, it’s not that difficult. Test yourself slowly, sometimes more gas, sometimes less gas, brake a bit, drive curves, and off you go…

Listen to the hum of the engines and let the wind blow around your nose. Enjoy this very special moment and perceive only yourself and the wonderful desert landscape. Your guide will often take a short break so you can have a drink and take some great photos. Arrived in the Bedouin village, you will be warmly welcomed by the Bedouins. Since the Bedouins are a wandering people and like to change their places, we cannot say beforehand how many and which Bedouins will be there.

Enjoy a tasty tea or, if you wish, a Shisha and explore the village in a relaxed manner. Let us show you where the farm animals live, where the Bedouins have their sleeping places, or where the small “bathroom” is hidden. And all this against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of the desert mountains. The Bedouin women will be happy to show you how to bake their bread and you can even bake it together and taste it afterwards. There is also a small stall, but do not feel compelled to do anything. The Bedouin women deserve such a thing and it is up to you to decide to what extent and if you want to support it. For a small tip you can also take a short ride on the camel.

Absolute peace, sun, dust, veiled friendly women, laughing children, hospitable men bringing tea and shisha. Immerse yourself in this very special world and let everything take effect on you in a very relaxed way. You decide in consultation with the guide when to go back. You already have a real routine and want to go faster? No problem. Our guide will gladly adapt to you at any time. We are also happy to stop for photos to capture these very special moments.

If you have booked the sunset tour, a very special highlight is waiting for you. You drive towards the sun and watch it setting behind the stone mountains of Safaga. For this very special moment you will also stop again to capture it for eternity. Back at the starting point of your journey, our driver is already waiting for you to take you back to your hotel.

Included services:

  • Private driver
  • private guide
  • 4-hour quad tour only for the persons booked
  • Visit of a Bedouin village

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