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Osama Samir

El Quseir

Author: Melanie

El Quseir is a town with about 25,000 inhabitants and a history of around 5,000 years. It is located approximately in the middle between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. The city got its name in Islamic times and it means “little palace” or “little fortress/castle” and you get to know this together with our team. Explore with us the probably most beautiful coastal town on the Red Sea.

Excursion description

You will be picked up by our driver and your personal english-speaking guide directly from your booked hotel. When you arrive in El Quseir you visit with us the probably most important point of interest in the city, the Ottoman Fort from the 16th century and its remarkable water reservoir. 100 years ago, the fort was the only source to provide drinking water for the area. In the fort you can learn a lot about the shipbuilding, as well as phosphate extraction and mining at that time. You can see a lot information about the traditional life of the Bedouin. You can also visit the lower rooms of the fort and take a lot of interesting information with you. There is also a small museum on site with various small treasures such as spices, pearls, ceramics, glass and metals from early years. We also recommend the short spiral ascent on top of the watchtower with a breathtaking view of the historic city, the bay and far out over the sea.

Another starting point is the Church of the Virgin Mary, built in 1920. The church is of Italian design and was built by Italians, who ran a phosphate factory next door. In 1964, the once Catholic Church was transformed into an Orthodox church by Bishop Makarios. The church is currently used by the Christian Orthodox Egyptians and there is also a school on site to teach religious studies. Marvel with us at the impressive and beautiful paintings inside the church.

Continue with your personal guide to the harbor promenade. Also here it is worth a walk along the shore with some restaurants and their historical buildings.

In El Quseir itself, village life can still be felt with local bakeries, fruit stalls, small shops and many old houses in the style of Yemeni architecture. The hotels are located on the outskirts of El Quseir and this place is quite untouched by tourism.

The port was once the most important commercial center in El Quseir. Walk with us across the pier far out to sea and enjoy the view of the wonderful coral world from above. The ancient Roman harbour is buried under the present Mövenpick Hotel. Hundreds of amphorae and ceramics were recovered there.

Stroll through the cozy coastal town with us, and we will then enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner together. For example with freshly caught fish in one of the typical Egyptian restaurants right on the Red Sea.

Depending on the day of the week, we are also happy to show you Egyptian life on the fruit and vegetable market, as well as the animal market in El Quseir. Since this is a typical weekly market for Egyptians, we cannot guarantee that we will actually find the markets, as the market days are often exchanged here spontaneously.

Let us take you to another world of Egypt. Close to Egyptian life and far from mass tourism.

Included services:

  • private driver
  • english-speaking guide
  • entrance fee to the Ottoman Fort
  • visit to the Coptic Church, the port, weekly market (subject to availability)

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