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Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city with currently about 5.2 million inhabitants. The Egyptian port city is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, at the interface to Europe and Africa. The city is named after its founder Alexander the Great. Discover with us the ancient treasures, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and stroll with us through the city.

Excursion description

Our driver will pick you up at your booked hotel on the Red Sea and drive you safely to Cairo. There your personal tour guide will be waiting for you to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx with you. You will also visit the Egyptian Museum and stroll with us through the Khan el Khalili Basar. The detailed description you will find here: ([Cairo](/excursions / cities/kairo/))

Exhausted but overwhelmed by the day and its impressions, we now go to your hotel in Cairo. Here you have the possibility to visit the enchanting sound and light show at the pyramids from the roof terrace of the hotel in the evening.

The next morning you will have a hearty breakfast and we will drive on to Alexandria and visit many exciting places together.

The biggest and most important tomb of the city Kom esch-schukafa are 20 m deep catacombs, which can only be reached via a spiral staircase into the depth and are spread over three floors. Innumerable wall graves and three sarcophagi, which contained human as well as animal remains, can be marvelled at. You will also discover wall paintings and ancient Egyptian Greek and Roman inscriptions. The catacombs of Kom-Esch-Schakafa are even listed by some sources as one of the seven wonders of the world in the Middle Ages. Until 1900, the tomb was considered to have disappeared until the misstep of a donkey brought it back to light.

Very close by is the Pompeius Column.

This is a Roman honorary column of 26 m height and 285 tons weight made of a piece of Aswan granite. It is therefore one of the largest monoliths of antiquity, and is considered to be one of the world’s largest monolithic columns. Take your time to have a look around, the whole day will be arranged according to your personal pace and interests.

Another very exciting starting point is the Fort Qaitbay.

Discover the fortress on the Mediterranean coast, which was once built to defend the coast against the Ottomans. The fort is located on the east side of the northern Pharos Peninsula at the mouth of the East Port and is connected to the mainland by a dam. Visit the fort with our team and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, the east harbour and the anglers who linger at the foot of the fort and wait for a big catch. Fort Qait Bey got its name from the foundation under the Mameluk Sultan Ashraf Qait Bey at the end of the 15th century, who built it to defend the port. Inside the fort there is a naval museum.

Directly next to the museum you have the possibility to visit a small marine museum. The highlights here are the teeth of a shark and the skeleton of a whale.

Furthermore we visit the Amphitheater together. Put yourself back in the time of the antiquity. The theater was found rather by chance. When the old Ottoman fort was demolished about half a century ago, you will discover medieval graves and a small Roman music theatre underground. The amphitheatre, built in the 2nd century, consists of 12 rows of white marble seats and had room for about 800 inhabitants. Above it there was a gallery with standing room reserved for the common people. Wrestling was also held here in the past.

To all these interesting sights the city of Alexandria is also beautiful and we will visit it together. Walk together with us over the Stanley Bridge, see the new and enormously large library, visit the port and discover with us many more very interesting places.

All meals are taken with our team in Egyptian restaurants, so that you can get to know and enjoy the flair of Egyptian life.

After a day full of different impressions you will return to your hotel in Cairo, where you are free to explore Cairo the next day or to return to your booked hotel. Just contact us, we will try to realize all your wishes.

Included services:

  • Private driver
  • German speaking guide
  • any meals
  • any entrance fees
  • City tour in Alexandria
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation in Cairo

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