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Erlebnis Ägypten

Egypt experience

Osama Samir


Author: Melanie

Cairo is with currently about 9.5 million inhabitants the capital of Egypt and is located directly on the Nile. Immerse yourself with us in Egypt’s ancient history and be inspired by the many…


Autor: Melanie

Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city with currently about 5.2 million inhabitants. The Egyptian port city is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, at the interface to Europe and…

Dendera and Abydos

Author: Melanie

Dendera, the ancient provincial capital is located about 55 km north of Luxor in Upper Egypt. Abydos is located about 160 km north of Luxor and is one of the most fascinating places in Egypt. Walk…


Author: Melanie

Luxor is the largest Upper Egyptian city with currently about 500,000 inhabitants and is located directly on the eastern bank of the Nile in Southern Egypt. Luxor was awarded the title of capital of…


Author: Melanie

Hurghada is the largest tourist centre on the Red Sea with about 220,000 officially registered inhabitants. In the year 1985 there were only about 12.000 people living here. It is hard to believe that…

Candlelight Dinner

Author: Melanie

The romantic candlelight-dinner takes place directly on the sandy beach in beautiful Somabay with a direct view of the sea.

Aswan and Abu Simbel

Author: Melanie

Aswan is the fourth largest city in Upper Egypt with currently around 300,000 inhabitants and is located on the eastern bank of the Nile. The southernmost city in Egypt lies immediately north of the…

Private Glass bottom boat

Author: Melanie

Our private glass bottom boat takes you to the 7-pillar reefs. A breathtakingly beautiful paradise for snorkeling. Like columns the coral reefs, divided into a group of three and a group of four,…

Quad tour by the sea

Author: Melanie

You have already driven a quad bike several times, but would like to experience something new? How about a quad tour along the sea? Between Safaga and the beautiful bay Makadi Bay you can experience a…


Author: Melanie

Safaga is located about 60 km south of Hurghada at the Red Sea and has about 35.000 registered inhabitants. Safaga is an important port, boat building and industrial city and was already known in…

El Quseir

Author: Melanie

El Quseir is a town with about 25,000 inhabitants and a history of around 5,000 years. It is located approximately in the middle between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. The city got its name in Islamic times…


Author: Melanie

The Mini-Egypt-Park is an open-air museum in miniature format between Hurghada and Safaga at the beautiful Makadi Bay. The park, which offers a different experience than a traditional museum, presents…

El Gouna

Author: Melanie

El Gouna is with about 20.000 inhabitants the small Venice of Egypt and is located about 22 km north of Hurghada. El Gouna means “the lagoon” and lives up to its name. The whole place is…

Desert barbecue

Author: Melanie

The desert barbecue takes place in the middle of the desert, far away from the cities in complete solitude and peace. Enjoy with us a very special experience and the flair of the desert at a private…

Dolphin VIP Ship

Author: Melanie

Fulfill a dream and observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Enjoy a relaxing day at sea in a small group with a maximum of 15 people and without stress for people and animals.


Author: Melanie

The monasteries of St. Paul and St. Anthony (251-356) are located about 330 km southeast of Cairo, about 2.5 hours by car from Hurghada, embedded in a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape. In…

Abu Dabab - Swimming with giant sea turtles

Autor: Melanie

In Abu Dabab you have the opportunity to swim with sea turtles. We start very early in the morning so that we can enjoy the beach in complete tranquility. Abu Dabab is located in Marsa Alam and…

Mountain Valley Adventure Quad Tour

Author: Melanie

Don’t just look at the desert out of the car window as you drive by, but drive deep into it with us on your very own personal quad bike tour. Drive at your own pace through the desert and enjoy…

Private transfer

Autor: Melanie

Start your well-deserved vacation with our team directly relaxed. We monitor your flight online and our driver will be waiting for you upon arrival with a sign bearing your name.

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