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Osama Samir


Author: Melanie

Hurghada is the largest tourist centre on the Red Sea with about 220,000 officially registered inhabitants. In the year 1985 there were only about 12.000 people living here. It is hard to believe that Hurghada mainly consisted of a collection of mud huts, which were home to fishermen and Bedouins. In this time the first hotels were built and the world discovered the beauty of Hurghada with its clear water and breathtaking coral reefs. In recent years the city and the airport have grown more and more and become a real tourist magnet. But we don’t only show you the tourist areas, with us you can discover the real life of the Egyptians and also see completely different sides of Hurghada.

Excursion description

You will be picked up by our driver and your personal German speaking guide directly at your booked hotel. Arrived in Hurghada you will visit with us several very interesting places. To these belong:

The oldest part of the city of Hurghada, also known as Downtown, shows you the real hustle and bustle in Egypt. Stroll with us through the streets of Dahar and feel, smell and experience the oriental atmosphere. Here you can get spices, herbs or other souvenirs for your loved ones at fair Egyptian prices. Experience the hustle and bustle on the souq inspired by the Khan El Khalili bazaar in Cairo. In the streets there are loud discussions and haggling for prices. Cars and motorcycles drive through the middle of the market and honk their horns. Here the contrast to the real life in Egypt, far away from the mass tourism and the otherwise outwardly dazzling life in the tourist area, is clearly visible. For us it is a matter of course that our guide accompanies you the whole time and supports you in negotiating with the sellers.

Another point of contact is the fruit and vegetable market in Dahar. Here you can find all kinds of oriental fruits and vegetables at very low prices. At this place the locals go shopping and it is exciting to watch the hustle and bustle here. If you want to get to know the original, oriental side of Hurghada, then this is the place to be.

Of course we also visit the fish market together. In the beginning the people of Hurghada lived mainly from fishing and oil production. Even today you can still admire the many fishing boats in the harbour and stroll around the fish market. Here you can find freshly caught fish in all shapes and colours from the Red Sea.

A contrast to the Egyptian life in Dahar offers the Marina in Hurghada. Here you can see the touristic side of Hurghada. Stroll with us along the palm-lined promenade and visit the various restaurants, bars or shops. Here you can simply take a deep breath and admire the huge ships lying in the harbour. A special delicacy is a camel steak, which you can enjoy in one of the numerous restaurants overlooking the harbour. Just try it out!

From the marina you have a wonderful view of our next port of call the Al-Mina Mosque. The landmark of Hurghada was completed in 2012 and is a symbol of modern and oriental architecture. The two minarets (tower for the prayer caller) rise high into the sky and can be seen from far away. Visitors can view the beautiful interior of the mosque outside of prayer times. Women should borrow a Galabeya for a small amount of money to cover their hair, arms and legs.

If you want to visit other places or do some shopping, please let us know before the trip. For example: the Coptic Church of Hurghada, the Cat Coffee, the Hardrock Café, the Shopping Mile. Your guide will help you at any time. Breaks as well as food wishes will be planned during the trip according to your needs. Also here the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Included services:

  • Private driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Visit of the Old Town, fruit, vegetable and fish market, Al-Mina Mosque, Marina
  • Duration of the excursion: approx. 4-7 hours

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